I shoot in colour and I think in black and white.
Looking at a black & white fiber print properly hung and lit in a gallery, a museum or on my studio wall never fails to arouse my inner spirit. I am drawn in more quickly and my eyes see all the details, the tones, the textures and the mood of the photo quite differently when there is no color to distract. It is, for me, the most effective way to express the strengths of a subject, especially a strong graphical subject. The lack of colour often helps me examine other elements of the image and capture the root of the story that is being told. There can be a rawness and sensuality and yet something aesthetically pleasing in a well-composed, properly exposed and exquisitely printed black and white print from a Cole Thompson, a Chuck Kimmerle, a Michael Kenna, an Aaron Siskind or a Russell Kwan.

The Geometry Collections portfolio The Geometry Collections are a series of visual studies of the shapes, sizes, patterns, designs and symmetries of buildings, structures, machines and nature itself. The curves, sharp edges and repeating patterns take on new and often surreal forms with the additional play of light and shadow. Everywhere I look are some of the most wonderful and fun images to photograph - whether the soft curves of an egg or the wild architectural design of a Frank Gehry inspiration. Death Valley B&W portfolio The dunes are incredibly beautiful, alluring and almost sensual, with a feeling that they are all but alive. While the dunes are often presented with the extreme contrast of lights and shadows, I have included some images that give a perception of the contrasts but also the softness of the sand and the fragility of these wonderful shapes.
There is so much variety one could spend a lifetime exploring and photographing in the Death Valley area. The changing seasons and the differing lights of the day continually transform the colour palettes, the textures, the shapes and the sense of wonder.
Ramshackle portfolio Junk yards, abandoned buildings, old machinery and ramshackle storage areas have always been a fascination to me. One such attraction is an old converted auction barn. The broken animal pens are crammed with thousands of old bicycles, machinery, parts, vehicles and boats in various states of repair. A trove of abandoned treasures and this photographer's image paradise. Visual metaphors and juxtapositions abound. If these objects could only talk what stories would they tell? Let your imagination go as we stroll around the yard and climb inside the ancient pens. Byways, Alleyways, Windows and Doors portfolio I have been told I have a fascination for windows and doors. It's not really the actual windows or doors that fascinate me but what's in them, behind them, their reflections and where they can lead me and my imagination. The byways and especially the alleyways have that same intrigue. People like animals, leave their mark or sign and it is those signs and their ephemera, that truly attracts my attention and the focus of my lens. It's the mannequins and displays, signs, art, graffiti, the tell tale suggestions of 'behind closed doors' along with subtle and more obvious metaphors and juxtapositions that keep me returning. Not for the ugly or the beauty but to capture a question, bring a little smile or even cultivate a story or a rememberance of a time past. I have a couple of extra cameras - why don't you join me as you wander through these images. Don't forget to focus before you press.
Skate Park portfolio Skateboards, BMX, gnarly moves, skill, daring, graffiti, ramps, bowls, tunnels, baggy pants, s-curves, rails - a skate park is a photographer's eye candy. This collection is a very small sampling of the unique, sometimes crazy and often thrilling images from local skate parks. Each park, whether small or large, has it's own personality and offers up different photographic opportunities for both action and 'cool' design.