I want to have an introduction to each of the two galleries the color gallery and the black & white gallery. The option is avialble as shown here and is from the gallery text option in the gallery admin page. I would like to be able to do similarly on the black and white gallery.
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Monochrome portfolio
I shoot in colour and I think in black and white.
Looking at a black & white fiber print properly hung and lit in a gallery, a museum or on my studio wall never fails to arouse my inner spirit. I am drawn in more quickly and my eyes see all the details, the tones, the textures and the mood of the photo quite differently when there is no color to distract. It is, for me, the most effective way to express the strengths of a subject, especially a strong graphical subject. The lack of colour often helps me examine other elements of the image and capture the root of the story that is being told. There can be a rawness and sensuality and yet something aesthetically pleasing in a well-composed, properly exposed and exquisitely printed black and white print from a Cole Thompson, a Chuck Kimmerle, a Michael Kenna, an Aaron Siskind or a Russell Kwan.

Colour Collections portfolio
As much as I love black and white, I live in a world of colour.
There are some images that just need to be in color, feel better in colour or allow me fuller expression in color. The soft pastel hues of mauve, pink, yellow and gold of the sandstone in the Valley of Fire, the multi hues of a sunset or sunrise and the plumage of an exotic bird are just a few. Most of my abstract images are in colour as the visual discovery of the ephemera, the hidden figures and the ‘juicy’ surprises are heightened by their color palette.

"A great deal of what there is to be gotten out of a photograph depends on the quality of attentiveness that we bring to it. It's a skill to look fast, but a gift to look slow." - Mike Johnson

Home Page Collection portfolio The Home Page Collection is a group of some of my personal favorites and are among the most commented on and viewed images on my site.