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Why Photography

Photography, for me, is a means of exploring, expressing and sharing ideas that I cannot otherwise express - my feelings for them, and sometimes my feelings through them.



I can't remember a time I didn't have a camera in my life - in my hand, over my shoulder, around my neck, in my pocket or mounted on a tripod. As the years have extended on, both life and image making have together become a wonderful journey… an exploration…even an experiment and oh how they have changed.

My images articulate my intimate connection and appreciation of both the natural and the man made. I have a fascination with life and what’s on the “other side” – whether it’s the other side of the hill or the other side of existence. My inner spirit attempts to make order out of this chaotic, transient life, frequently including ephemeral figures, symbols or images - a spark. A spark that creates a connection often eliciting stories, posing questions or provoking thoughts of the past and the future - what's the back story - what's behind the photograph and hopefully piquing the imagination of the viewer.


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